What are the best auction websites, other than eBay?

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The best alternative auction websites to buy and sell stuff on are:

Website Comments Rating
ebay.com auctions eBay is undoubtedly the best auction website in terms of the volume of buyers and registered users.
ebid.net auctions eBid.net is possibly the best alternative auction site to eBay and doesn't charge listing fees for sellers.
CQout.com auction website CQout.com (pronounced 'Seek You Out') is a popular auction website with a large buyer base. Worth registering for a test run.
uBid.com auctions uBid.com auctions excess stock from all types of businesses in the US on their online auction website.

Liquidation and Government auction websites

Website Comments Rating
Business liquidation website Liquidation.com offers business surplus auctions for buyers and sellers.
Government auction websites Government Liquidation is the exclusive partner for US Military Surplus.

Specialist auction websites

Website Comments Rating
Doba wholesale seller Doba is for serious sellers who want to take the next step and make serious money. Buy stuff at wholesale prices to sell on other auction websites. Get a free trial to see if it works for you.
bidz jewelry auctions bidz is a specialist jewelry auction website where great bargains can be found.
Auction Air falling price auctions Auction Air first started on as an in-flight system to entertain British Airways passengers, but now offers you reverse auctions where you have to place the lowest unique bid and highest price auctions where the highest sealed bid wins.

Check out the best auction websites like ebay.