About Auction Alfie

Auction Alfie can help you search across multiple auction and classified websites without filling out the same forms all the time.

How does Auction Alfie work?

Auction Alfie allows you to fill in one search form, then shows you the results on each of the auction and classified websites directly.

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Example search: Apple iPod

Which websites does Alfie help me with?

Alfie provides a quick search to eBay, uBid.com, eBid, Tazbar, Inetbid, Google Base, Loot, Gumtree and Amazon Marketplace - all in one place.

Kelkoo price comparison is also included for UK searchers to make it easy to compare prices of second hand stuff against new products.

Is this a price comparison website?

Kinda. Auction Alfie is the best of both worlds: half search engine, half price comparison site.

It's a shopping search engine that shows you products from the relevant websites in situ.

Can I sell stuff on Auction Alfie?

Alfie has provided easy links to the best auction sites so you can sell your stuff easily.

"When somebody stole my expensive mountain bike, Auction Alfie allowed me to check all the main auction websites and classifieds very quickly. I eventually found it on ebay. Thanks Alfie!" Steve
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